Mediumship Mentoring

You are a Medium, it's an ability not a gift!
Don't wait any longer to connect to, identify and engage with Spirit
to enhance your life and those you choose to read for.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

I'm nothing special, I just talk to dead people!

Mediumship is an ability, not a gift!
Let me help you develop your ability without disrupting your life.

Watch this video and let me explain how  >>>>

Connection to the Spirit World cannot be taught in a day, a weekend or even a week.  Like learning any language you need to take your time and learn all aspects of how Spirit communicate.

During the 6 Month programme you will:

  • Learn to Work With Your Energy and Chakras - Learn to manipulate your inner power to open up your connection to the World of Spirit, and your connection to other people (Psychic)
  • Discover YOUR Connection to Spirit - ie are you Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient etc
  • Feel when Spirit are Around You - know when you are actually feeling and/or dreaming of Spirit
  • Identify exactly Who you are connecting with - learn to read the signs and identify the changes in you to find out who exactly is communicating with you
  • Understand why Spirit are Communicating with you - know and understand what they are trying to tell you
  • Learn To Connect To Other Peoples Chakras - learn to use your third eye to connect to the etheric aura of other people to feel and connect with their loved ones in Spirit

During the six month mentorship programme you are guaranteed at least 10 hours a month of learning

  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Two Live Group Sessions EACH WEEK (8 Per Month)
  • One to One Time With Me Every Month
  • Private Facebook Group to Ask Questions 24/7


One Payment
Pay when registering, no set up fee.
  • One Payment, no monthly billing
  • Only $50 per session

Pay Monthly
Pay monthly, no set up fee
  • Six payments of us$550
  • Only $55 per session

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